General Boat and Yard Work

Mast handling, antifouling and general boatyard work.

2018 Prices
Yard Work Price
Mast Handling* (Use of crane, operator and 1 extra yard worker) £106.45 p/hr
Use of plant and operator £61.95 p/hr
Labour £30 –  £45 p/hr
Antifoul (Seajet)
Shogun 2.5l £76.90
Emperor 2.5l £99.90
Platinum 2.0l £115.90
Coastal 2.5l £49.90
Underwater Primer £48.50
Other products P.O.A


  • All yard work prices are inclusive of 20% VAT. Please contact the office for price estimate on work to be carried out (based on boat size and/or time estimated). Labour rate dependent on type of work to be carried out.
  • All product prices are inclusive of 20% VAT. An additional £5 will be added to the bill for sundries (rollers, trays, brushes, masking tape etc) for all antifouling work carried out by the yard.
  • *in the case where additional yard workers are required for mast handling an additional labour cost may be incurred